Black Glass Dichro Spiral One Hitter

One Hitter is also called Chillum, a old classical smoking item made of wood, stone or other materials. One Hitter is a small pipe with a narrow bowl that is designed and used for a single inhalation, or one hit. It typically  with perfect small bowl for easy hit (a single hit). Although you may be most familiar with the one hitter that looks like a cigarette, there are actually a few different traditional styles of one hitter pipes.

Glass One Hitter/ Glass chillum is very  easy to use which is made from a smooth Borosilicate glass. All Process of one hitter making is hand blown process made by highly skilled artists.  It delivers a smooth hit to the smoker. This One Hitter is light by weight and its average size is around 3 inch so they are easier to carry too.


-Black Glass with Dichro Glass Spiral

-Average weight of each Hitter is 20 Grams

-Average Size of each Hitter  is 3 Inch

-Handcrafted by Nepali Artist


-Nice shape Bowl

Big Order

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Black Glass Dichro One Hitter

  • Average Weigh: 25-28 Grams
  • Average Size: 3.2 Inch
  • Color: Spiral Black Glass with Dichroic Art Work
  • Flat Mouth Chillum


  • We can offer flat discount for wholesaler and Distributors. Send your inquiry to get lowest rate for this item.
  • As this product is hand-blown, the length / weight / size / color might be slightly different than informed however our best effort always will be to be correct from all the aspect.

Additional information


20 Grams


3 Inch


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