About Us

Smoke Desire Smoke Desire is a Wholesale dealer of finest glass Smoking Products and accessories supply to Distributors, Wholesalers and retail stores across the country.

Purity with consistency on quality, most competitive price and best customer service are the mantras of our success in short period of time in this industry.

All kinds of glass smoking pipes, bubblers, chamber bubblers, chillums, animal design pipes, fancy decorative glass products, water pipes, glass bowls, Silicone Products, Grinders and other glass accessories our specialized products.

We welcome to any of your inquiry for products you need to add on your product line or for your store.

Deal with licensed businesses only.


Our Mission

Smoke Desire has primary goal the premium quality product with the most reasonable price with 100% satisfaction through online or offline business process.  We are good at translating ideas, turning your concept into a product. And we have the full technical, design and merchandising capability to transform a top-end design into a popular commercial product with a high-perceived value and a realistic price point in the market.

We are mission driven and a result oriented, with dedication we have built partnership with our customers and vendors and we want to be true to our word by giving customers the best quality products at the most reasonable price.

Currently we offer services from Irwindale, California. We are 100% proactive and prompt in our effort to capture new business opportunities in the market. We strive to reflect the operation of our customer, by doing so catering to their individual requirements.